Survey of Distance Transforms

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This is the companion website to the paper

A more complete set of results is posted here, together with source code for the algorithms and the performance benchmark. Further results and errata may also be posted in the future. In the results sections of this page you will find test images and performance plots, along with distance histograms characterizing the distance maps of the test images.

Feel free to contact us if you need additional information or help with the source code.


Ricardo Fabbri, Luciano da F. Costa, Julio C. Torelli, and Odemir M. Bruno.


Code Download

Lenna's Edges

OBS: PMN is Cuisenaire's multiple neighborhood algorithm.

Inscribed Circle

OBS: PMN is Cuisenaire's multiple neighborhood algorithm.

Point in the top-left corner

Half-filled image

Random Pixels


Turning Line


Random Squares



All the considered methods were verified to be exact in the experiments.

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